Portobello takes pride in quality of its gemstones and products. While we are confident in our products, we completely understand need of independent verification for your peace of mind. Therefore we offer free valuation certificate from an independent certified valuer for all purchases over £600. The valuation certificate unambiguously states the replacement value of the jewellery and can be used for insurance purposes. Check sample below:


Brand Story

In 2009, Astral created a luxury jewellery distribution business based in Melbourne, Australia. As things progressed, Astral took ownership of Portobello Camberwell, an established luxury jewellery store in Greater Melbourne that has been operating for over 40 years. Taking the principals of a traditional shopping experience and marrying this with the convenience of online shopping for quality gemstones and unique designs, in a safe and risk-free space was a match made in heaven. And Portobello's online store was born! After some incredible early successes and to meet the demand for high end custom jewellery globally, our business has grown beyond our Australasian borders and now operates in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe enabling us to offer our personalised services on a global scale.

Why Portobello

The demand for personalised and bespoke goods is filling an increasingly important niche as more and more customers grow tired of the non-personalised, traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. From shoes to clothes to bags and more, this segment of e-commerce is an emerging market with a mountain of growth potential, proving there is a desire to create truly unique items that are real reflections of their end users. Enter Portobello, online leaders in bespoke luxury jewellery design, hand-crafted just for you.

With over 110 unique engagement and wedding ring, necklace, earrings and bracelet designs (fresh styles added weekly!) in the highest quality of gemstones and metals hand-picked from around the world, portobellojewellery.com.au offers combinations that no physical jewellery store can offer. All you have to do is choose your design, metal and gemstone, when and where it’s convenient for you, 24/7! If you still cannot find exactly what you are looking for from Portobello’s vast and beautiful options, why not work closely with one of Portobello's talented and experienced designers to help bring your dream to fruition. Just upload a photo or brief of what you are looking for and their designers will work with YOU to create a piece that not only resounds with you, it WILL be you!

And with a FREE valuation certificate issued from a credible qualified gemologist from the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) for purchases over $1000, you will never need to worry about the authenticity of your piece. Still not 100% satisfied with your new item? Portobello offers a completely RISK-FREE 30-day return policy for faulty items. Add in a cash rewards program with every purchase and you’ll understand why Portobello is dedicated in helping you get EXACTLY what you want. No longer just for the rich and famous, who knew creating your own personal work of art could be so easy and fun?

Who is Portobello

Combining his vast experience within online markets to his family’s jewellery business, Astral has positioned Portobello as THE place for customers to design bespoke items that are a true reflection of their individuality. Portobello has also established an advisory board consisting of two other successful online retail entrepreneurs, utilising their expertise to create a user-friendly website that is all about customer convenience and ease of use.

How does it work

Portobello is all about personalization. We believe jewellery is an amazingly creative channel that helps us express ourselves- it captures that mood, that moment which is unique to you and only YOU.

And with even a million designs no jewellery store can ever claim to capture that unique expression. But at Portobello you can because here: YOU MAKE YOUR OWN JEWELLERY.

So how does it work? Very simple:

1. You choose a design from our store.
2. Then select a metal: Silver, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold and in any carat.
3. And finally pick your gemstone- Ruby, Diamond, Emerald,… we’ve got a plenty for you to choose from.

And off-course you can combine gemstones/ metals where design permits.

Our gadget will immediately deliver you a real-life 3D visual of how your jewellery is going to look like, complete with very detailed specs. And that’s all! If you like what you see, just place an order with us and we will deliver you your treasure within 3 to 4 weeks.

And yes every order shipped from us is accompanied by a certificate of guarantee containing detailed specs of what you’ve bought. And for all products over $1000, you also get a valuation certificate from an independent qualified valuer.

And that’s not all. If none of our designs are for you- you can create that piece that is totally YOU by engaging with our panel of designers. Using simple words and with answers to some simple questions, just explain your dream design (here). And our team of designers will develop the concept, engage with you and submit an artists impression- a visual of your dream- for you to approve.