Portobello takes pride in quality of its gemstones and products. While we are confident in our products, we completely understand need of independent verification for your peace of mind. Therefore we offer free valuation certificate from an independent certified valuer for all purchases over £600. The valuation certificate unambiguously states the replacement value of the jewellery and can be used for insurance purposes. Check sample below:


Social Responsibility

Since 1974, Portobello has been working with customers to choose that special gift or custom-make that very individual piece of jewellery that will last for many generations.

We realise that journey of taking concept to reality is important for our customers as much as the final piece of jewellery. Our customers come to us because they know that everything that goes into that very special ring has been ethically sourced.

The mining and processing of gemstones spans 47 countries on six continents. Given that gemstones can come from all over the world, due-diligence is key to ensure that gemstone is ethically sourced and fair-trade practices have been followed in mining and processing. Our sourcing strength allows us to conduct that detailed due-diligence, make enquiries about origins of gemstones and diamonds. Each gemstone is carefully handpicked and affectionately carved into jewellery by our highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their workmanship and are passionate about creating jewellery that is worth all the space in your personal closet!