Portobello takes pride in quality of its gemstones and products. While we are confident in our products, we completely understand need of independent verification for your peace of mind. Therefore we offer free valuation certificate from an independent certified valuer for all purchases over £600. The valuation certificate unambiguously states the replacement value of the jewellery and can be used for insurance purposes. Check sample below:


Our Company

Portobello is part of Astral Jewels Pty Ltd, manufacturers & wholesalers of exquisite precious and semi-precious handcrafted jewellery. Thousands of designs and new additions every month maintain freshness and appeal of our vast product range. Our variety is reflected in the gemstones that cover everything that this world has to offer including amethyst, citrine, moonstone, turquoise, to name a few. These stones, believed to possess cosmic powers, when blended with skills of our traditional and hugely experienced craftsmen, lend a divine touch to our products.

Our strength lies in superior quality and extremely competitive pricing. Our established manufacturing base in India guarantees us access to the highest quality raw material and craftsmanship with experience of our craftsmen ranging from 10 to 15 years.

We recognize the importance of quick turnaround in industry that we are part of. Our established chain allows us to commit of a delivery time-frame of 4 weeks. Our base in Melbourne allows you to look and feel the products before getting into a transaction. It also gives you an opportunity to inspect the quality of our products before accepting the delivery.

Please contact us to arrange for login to our portal to check our premium collection online or organize appointment to physcially inspect our extensive range!